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About Us

EmployeeFreedomMN is a community for Minnesota public employees interested in talking about workplace unions and employee rights. Our goal is to keep you up to date on what rights you have as a Minnesota public employee following the Janus decision. We encourage public employees, their families, and any interested Minnesota citizens to join us.

What is the Janus decision? See our Frequently Asked Questions.

The Janus case has been decided. Now what?

On June 27, 2018, the Supreme Court of the United States ruled in Janus v. AFSCME  that no public employee in the country can be forced to pay money to a union. Janus affirmed a constitutional speech right for millions of government employees nationwide. The Court struck down “fair-share” fees and also said union members have the right to keep their hard-earned money.

If you were a fair-share fee payer, your employer stopped taking fees from your paycheck in July of 2018. Unless you give your affirmative consent to waive your Janus Rights and sign a union card, your employer should not deduct any union fees from your paycheck.

If you are one of Minnesota’s public-sector employees who belonged to a workplace union when Janus was decided, your employer is still deducting dues from your paycheck. If you prefer not to financially support that union, we can guide you through the process of notifying the union and your employer of your choice. Click here to get started.

Can I opt-out of my Minnesota public union?

The U.S. Supreme Court said public employees must “affirmatively consent before any money is taken from them,” but the State of Minnesota and public unions are making it hard for employees to exercise their right to resign. That is why we created EmployeeFreedomMN. Employees across Minnesota are successfully resigning, and when unions push back, employees are getting informed; some have filed lawsuits to protect their Janus Rights. We are your resource for staying up to date as these matters develop.


What is this really about? It’s about choice.

It comes down to whether being a part of a public union is the best choice for you or your family. You may be hearing that this is about “taking sides.” We disagree because we are all on the same side – the side of all Minnesota public employees.

What can i do on this website?

You can read our FAQs and learn more about your rights as a public employee in Minnesota. You can sign up for updates or just to learn more. You can get help resigning from your union and get a sample opt-out letter and a step-by-step guide to opting out. You can tell us your story if you’ve had troubling resigning or just want to share your experience. You can get help contacting your union for your union card, click here for a list of common unions with their contact info.


“This is about rights. This is about employee freedom.”


I received a letter from my union, should I sign?

Did you recently receive a document request from your union? Be careful before you sign it. It may be an "irrevocable" agreement to pay union fees for a full year, even if you wish to resign from the union.

Before you sign any document from your union, make sure that you are not signing away your right to resign from paying dues.

Words to watch for or pay special attention to:

  • Irrevocable

  • Check off from year to year

  • Authorization

  • Automatically renewed

  • Regardless of membership status

  • Dues deduction or dues check off

  • Window period

If you have questions about whether to sign the form, click here and we will help you. The best course of action is to decline to sign any new union paperwork until you find out more.

Need help finding your union card?

The process to opt out of your union is not hard, but sometimes the details depend on the terms set forth in your union card. You may not have your union card handy. You should be able to get a copy of your union card by contacting your union. We have listed here the most common Minnesota unions with their websites and mailing addresses as a reference guide.


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