One Click Opt Out Program

Want to exercise your right to stop paying dues but don’t have the time or don’t know how to manage the paperwork? Or perhaps you do not know your opt out “window?” Use this form and let our organization, Employee Freedom MN, do the paperwork for you. A letter will be sent to your union, and you will receive a confirmation email with follow-up information. We will then send one letter a week until we hit your opt out window. You may receive periodic letters telling you that you tried to opt out outside your “window,” that is okay, that just means you are in our Opt Out Program. For more details, email and we can answer any specific questions. (You can preview the letter here.)

I wish to join the One Click Opt Out Program.

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By typing my initials, I affirm that I am the person named above. I understand that exercising my Janus Rights means I will no longer be a member of the union and won't receive certain union services. I consent to sending the letter linked above to the union and, if necessary, to my employer.